The top 10 most popular Christmas recipes (2024)

Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year. There's no shortage of festive cheer – from carol singing and sipping on mulled wine with friends to tucking into a fresh batch of homemade mince pies with family – and food scores pretty highly on what makes the season so merry and bright.


With so many Christmas recipes at our fingertips, it can be hard to pick out the crème-de-la-crème from an undeniably great bunch. We've used your ratings to find the best ever, top reviewed Christmas recipes so you can get your Christmas meal planning off to a stellar start. From classic Yule logs and Christmas puddings to the ultimate nut roast, these five-starred recipes won't fail to impress come Christmas Day.

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Top 10 most popular Christmas recipes

10. Yule log

Mary Cadogan makes a beautifully light chocolate yule log that's filled with a fondant chocolate and whipped cream centre. Use good quality cocoa powder to elevate the sponge to a seriously perfect bake. Now try 10 twists on yule log.

9. Christmas pudding with citrus and spice

Round off your Christmas Day meal with elegance and grace with this classic Christmas pudding recipe. Serve with a homemade orange custard cream to offset the citrussy batter that's spiked with orange liqueur. If you're more of a traditionalist, you can opt for our brown sugar brandy cream instead. Or make both, it is Christmas after all!

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8. Sticky spiced red cabbage

Warming ginger, mustard seeds and ground allspice bring all things festive to this red cabbage dish that complements any festive main. Serve alongside our honey-roasted parsnips and any leftovers can be repurposed into a fabulous addition to your cheeseboard.

A sticky glaze made from maple syrup, wholegrain mustard, red wine vinegar and ground cloves coats this cola-simmered ham. It can be made up to two days in advance and served cold, saving you time and effort in the kitchen on the big day. Learn our top tips for cooking and preparing gammon and ham.

This easy stuffing is not one to miss off your to-do list this Christmas. A juicy Bramley apple, meaty Cumberland sausages, granary breadcrumbs and sage combine to create an unstoppable Christmas roast companion. Use to stuff your Christmas main, or bake in a loaf tin to serve up as slices. Try more of our Christmas stuffing recipes.

5. Mary's Berry Christmas chutney

Gently simmered tomatoes, peppers and aubergines form the basis for this festive-spiced chutney. It also makes an excellent extra element to add to your cheeseboard or slathered into leftover turkey sandwiches. Now try more of our Christmas chutney recipes.

4. Ultimate roast potatoes

A Christmas dinner is not complete without roasties, and these ones are our top-rated version for good reason. Use Maris Piper potatoes to guarantee a crisp exterior and perfectly fluffy interior and along with our top tips, you'll be on your way to roast potato perfection. Learn more about making the best ever roasties with our ultimate guide.

3. Nut roast

For a veggie-friendly showstopper, try our most highly rated nut roast recipe. Served with a quick homemade tomato sauce, lentils, chestnut mushrooms, mixed nuts and mature cheddar all combine to create a stunning Christmas main that will impress vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Discover more nut roast recipes.

2. Classic Christmas cake

Just pipped to the post, this easy make-and-mature Christmas cake is made in advance and fed regularly with rum, brandy or whisky to bring out a wonderfully rich flavour and moist texture. Find more inspiration for decorating your Christmas cake.

1. Unbelievably easy mince pies

Coming it at number one is not only our most popular Christmas recipe, but an unbelievably easy one at that. These mince pies require no rolling – simply press the crumbly mixture into your baking tin for a short, buttery pastry. It's so easy, even the kids can get involved! Discover more baking projects with kids this Christmas.

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What are your best ever Christmas recipes? Let us know in the comments...

The top 10 most popular Christmas recipes (2024)
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