Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup (2024)

This borscht recipe is delicious, nutritious, and full of flavor. Plus, its gorgeous red hue is absolutely stunning!

What Is Borscht?

Borscht is a sour soup that is traditionally made with meat stock and boiled vegetables. The Ukrainian version, which features beets, is perhaps the most well known type — but varieties of borscht can be found throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

Borscht Ingredients

These are the ingredients you’ll need to make this top-rated borscht recipe:

  • Sausage: This Ukrainian borscht recipe starts with a pound of pork sausage.
  • Vegetables: You’ll need beets, carrots, baking potatoes, cabbage, and an onion.
  • Canned tomatoes: Use drained diced tomatoes and canned tomato paste.
  • Vegetable oil: Cook the onion in oil.
  • Water: You’ll need almost nine cups of water for this big-batch soup.
  • Garlic: Three cloves of garlic add bold flavor.
  • Sugar: A teaspoon of white sugar lends subtle sweetness.
  • Seasonings: Season the borscht with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Sour cream: Top the borscht with sour cream.
  • Fresh herbs: Garnish the soup with fresh parsley or dill.

How to Make Borscht

You’ll find the full, step-by-step recipe below — but here’s a brief overview of what you can expect when you make Ukrainian borscht:

  1. Cook the sausage and set aside.
  2. Boil water, add the sausage, then add the vegetables and diced tomatoes.
  3. Cook the onion, stir in the tomato paste, and thin with water. Transfer to the pot.
  4. Add the garlic, cover, and turn off the heat. Stir in the sugar and seasonings.
  5. Ladle into bowls and garnish with sour cream and fresh herbs.

Tip from recipe creator Patti: “This soup can be served vegetarian-style by omitting the sausage.”

How to Store Borscht

Store leftover borscht in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to three days. Reheat in the microwave or on the stove.

Can You Freeze Borscht?

Yes, borscht freezes well! When you add it to your freezer-safe containers, make sure to leave an inch or two of space at the top to allow for expansion. Freeze the borscht for up to two months. Thaw in the refrigerator overnight, then reheat in the microwave or on the stove.

Allrecipes Community Tips and Praise

“This was the first time I've had borscht and now I see why so many people love it,” says one Allrecipes community member. “I can't believe how good it is.”

“Just perfect,” raves Olechka. “Classic recipe, great taste, my favorite.”

“BEST BORSCHT EVER,” according to KLaura Anderson-Bradfield. “I have made many different beet soup recipes over the years. The addition of an acidic ingredient (tomato) still allowed the beets to shine but removed the heavy, sometimes too earthy taste common to borscht.”

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Ukrainian Red Borscht Soup (2024)
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